Technical Support
We improve, develop and follow launched mobile projects.
Fix bugs, support the functionality of the app, and adapt to the new OS and form factors.
We follow user feedback, collect analytics from the application log, and put tasks in the project management tracker.
We discuss new requirements and business tasks, prepare documentation, and implement improvements.
Case Studies
Hour rate or fixed?
If we can confidently predict the amount of work, then we prefer to work by fixed rates. In other cases, the hourly rate is the only possible option.
How is the time tracked?
All our work takes place in the Activecollab system, through which you have personal access to track the status of tasks. If necessary, we can integrate into your accounting system.
What about payment?
In most cases, we work on a prepaid system, but for regular customers, payments can be deferred.

We have a detailed presentation with all services and prices,
and we will gladly send it to you by email.
Need technical support for your App?
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